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Power Generation Forecasts for Wind and Solar farms

A user friendly service to forecast the output of your wind and solar farms. Highly accurate short and mid term forecasts adapted to your needs.

Site Specific Weather Forecasts

Accurate forecasts of meteorological variables for specific sites. Graphical interface and data files delivery for the following variables: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, precipitation (intensity and type), atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, evapotranspiration, risk of lightning…

Weather GIS-based Forecasts

A graphical interface with weather forecasts for wide areas as well as for single points. Includes multi map views and GIS based tools.

Site Specific Stream-flow Forecasts

Hourly and daily forecasts of water stream flow at a specific site. Designed for hydro electricity and water management.

Road Weather Forecasts

A service aimed at road maintenance operations. All the latest information on the meteorological conditions along the road, taking into account its specificity.

Fire Spread Predictor

Easy and quick internet access to fire spread forecasts to support fire monitoring and extinction operations. Developed closely with firefighters and governmental agencies.