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What we do

MeteoLogica provides not only meteorological predictions to assist decision-making in different sectors, but also forecasts of different business variables that are highly influenced by the weather.

As a forward thinking company we strive to constantly push the boundaries of forecasting services to help our customers increase their efficiency and save resources; and to have the flexibility to meet individual customer requirements and provide forecasting solutions for many different markets and applications.

In order to achieve this:

  • We apply our own methodology and forecasting technology, based on the latest knowledge and experience within the area, with the objective of achieving optimum accuracies.
  • We develop user-friendly interfaces that allow a fast and easy access to the relevant information, according to the demands of our clients around the world.
  • We continuously update and improve our services in close cooperation with all the companies worldwide that use our services on a daily basis.


Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models perform computed based simulations of the atmosphere's evolution for the incoming days. They are the essential and universal  tools used in weather forecasting.

Despite their sophistication, the forecasts generated by the NWP models of the surface's meteorological situation still have limitations. For instance, their horizontal resolution (the distance between adjacent grid points) is not fine enough to depict some real world components like topography, that exert a very strong influence over near-surface meteorological conditions. Another relevant limitation is that NWP model predictions are deterministic, which means that they do not offer a measure of the forecast's uncertainty. These limitations make it essential to implement a post-processing technique known as “reinterpretation” or “downscaling”.

MeteoLogica receives the information from the NWPs, which is then “downscaled” and merged, using proprietary technology and “know-how”, to optimally obtain accurate surface weather predictions. In the last stage, we originate the forecasts of the business-variables of interest. Different types of mathematical models are used in this translation process. Some of them have been fully developed by MeteoLogica, others have been adapted to the needs of the company from public domain models. 

Some of these models include physical laws that simulate relationships between variables (i.e. the road pavement model), others are based on statistical relationships between input and output variables. All of them require a specialised calibration with observed data in order to provide maximum value to the user.

What MeteoLogica provides to its customers is essentially information.

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