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service-icon Road weather forecasts

Winter road maintenance activities are greatly affected by weather, in many cases special road meteorological stations (with pavement sensors in addition to the traditional meteorological sensors) are installed to monitor the weather and its impact over the road surface.

MeteoLogica uses observed data from these stations to adjust its Site Specific Forecasting System. The weather forecasts are then translated into site specific predictions of pavement variables by means of a pavement model.

Key Features

  • Variables:
    • Meteorological: precipitation (intensity and type: snow, rain), temperature, wind, relative humidity, cloudiness, etc.
    • Pavement: surface temperature, snow accumulation, risk of ice formation, etc.
  • 240h forecasts, hourly resolution
  • Specially adapted for mountain environments
  • Forecast precision expressed by 10 and 90 percentiles
  • Clear and intuitive web interface with:
    • graphical display of forecast and recent observations
    • up-to-date record of prediction performance (observation vs forecast graphics)
  • User defined alerts on probability thresholds or severe events

Contact Us

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China +86 13910616999
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