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service-icon Inflow predictions for reservoirs

Inflow predictions for reservoirs can provide a significant enhancement in profitability for many hydropower plants.

MeteoLogica currently provides inflow forecasts for almost 100 reservoirs. A complete hydrological model, including snowpack dynamics, is fitted to the flow series of the basin. Site specific weather forecasts feed the model to obtain discharge forecasts. Recent flow observations are used to feed-back the model. If real time data of reservoir level are available, the system also provides level predictions.  

Key Features

  • Available variables:
    • River flow, estimated snowpack, reservoir level
    • Precipitation (intensity and type –rain/snow-), temperature
  • 10 days daily forecasts, 240h hourly forecasts
  • Prediction precision expressed by 10, 25, 75 and 90 percentiles
  • Multiple and flexible delivery formats
  • Clear and intuitive web interface with:
    • Graphical display of forecasts and recent observations
    • Up-to-date record of prediction performance (observation vs forecast graphics)
    • "What-if" simulation utility
  • User defined alerts on probability thresholds or severe events

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