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service-icon Fire weather GIS-based forecasts

Forest fire management activities are conducted in wide spatial domains and are strongly affected by weather. They can benefit from spatially detailed forecasts of fire related weather variables and fire indexes.

MeteoLogica´s GIS-based web interfaces allow both a quick visual inspection of the expected fire weather conditions over a wide area, along with direct access to detailed information for points of potential interest, like prescribed burns sites, suppression sites, etc. 

Key Features

  • Forecasted variables:
    • Weather variables related to forest fires: wind (direction and speed), risk of lightning, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, cloudiness.
    • Forest fire weather indexes: Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI), BEHAVE fire modelling system,…
  • 10 day forecasts for daily values, 48 hour forecasts for 3 hour values.
  • Observed values:
    • Early morning update of preceding day maps of observed weather and index variables.
    • Hourly update of SYNOP and METAR surface data.
    • 5 minutes update of lightning strikes detected.
    • 15 minutes radar precipitation and satellite images.
  • Clear and intuitive web interface with:
    • Multimap view showing all the variables for a selected forecast step or all the forecast steps for a single variable.
    • GIS viewing utilities: zoom, thematic map layers, …
    • On-demand, site specific, detailed forecast bulletins for any point on the map.
    • Export utility to several map and image formats
  • User defined alerts on probability thresholds or severe events.

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