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industry-icon Electric Utilities

Generation, distribution and trading activities in the electricity sector may be affected by weather.
We offer a wide range of services to support decision-making in this sector: from high resolution maps of severe weather forecasts to inflow predictions for reservoirs, through renewable energy and trading oriented products.

What can you improve with our collaboration:

  • Severe weather forecast may improve decision-making at the transmission and distribution stages of the electricity delivery chain.
  • Inflow predictions for reservoirs can provide a significant enhancement in profitability for many hydropower plants.
  • Site specific forecasts of temperature, relative humidity and pressure help to predict maximum power availability in Combined Cycle gas turbine plants.
  • Site specific weather forecasts for main cities can be used to feed electricity demand prediction models.
Case Studies

Effect of wind power generation on power prices


The effect of wind power generation on power prices can be felt even in periods of high price stability, as seen on the first 2 weeks of May 2010 in Spain:

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