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About us

Since 1997, we have built up a very solid knowledge base through our different projects and forecasting services worldwide, we provide our services to over 1000 clients in 40 countries.
As an example, during this period,  MeteoLogica has been assigned as the forecast provider for over 5000 wind farm projects worldwide, with an installed capacity of more than 100 GW.

At MeteoLogica we have three main aims, all three are equally important:

  • Maintain a good working environment: respect and cooperation, and a fair wage policy.
  • We put our clients at the heart of our business, providing services that really add value to their everyday work.
  • We aim to maintain profitability in the long term.

To achieve this:

  • We listen to our customers, and are proactive in the improvement and up turn of our services.
  • Our continual investment in research, design and development in the field of forecasting services ensures that we are always able to bring new ideas and innovative and value-added products to the market, while increasing the efficiency of our processes.
  • We deliver both a high quality product and a high quality service that is backed up by over 10 years of experience of working within many different sectors.